Future Planners & 00:/

Future Planners & 00:/

Visiting Speakers - Indy Johar and Stephen Hill

Indy studied at Bath for 7 years and then worked with Penoyre and Prasad for 6 years. Zero Zero was set up with other architects and also those involved in policy. Stephen Hill is a chartered surveyor, Future Planners realise the boundaries between different providers.

Brief notes from their presentation below:

The problem with housing is not poor quality housing but actually lack of livelihoods. It is important not to slip into old ways. It is not always how it ‘looks’ but also how it ‘feels’.

Indy found that there was a lack of theory in architecture, and that architects have become consultans as opposed to professionals. We are uspposed to look after public interest regardless of who pays us, however we behave according to the market and architecture has become a ‘financial instrument’.

Architects have lost the ability to relate to ‘use’. In the 70’s there was an emphasis on use value and looking at the process followe by form. For a time architects became marketeers and thought about short term values.

Currently 40% of architects in the UK are unemployed.

As ‘thinkers’ we have to come up with new finance models for housing, for example using microbonds etc. The economy is declining at approximately 10% which is drastic and similar to 1920’s standards. Now and in the future credit will be fundamentally more expensive.

We need to think about changing practice, profession and product. Housing in the 1960’s failed not only because of design but also social climate eg. decline of employment in these communities.

Politicians are interested in design because it gives them control. We should be thinking about what is the process of creating better buildings.

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