Welcome to the Housing+ Wiki.

This Wiki is a product of Studio 8 at the University of Sheffield School of Architecture. The studio aims to collectively, and collaboratively, explore possibilities relating to housing: housing as social condenser; as a means to break down perceived social hierarchies; as socially equitable space; as political space; as space that overlaps and intersects; as zone of collision;
as the coexistence and overlapping of activities; as structures for living; as ensembles of social relationships; as architecture of lively variety; and, as the context for action and practice.

In this first step, we are developing an encyclopaedia and taxonomy of housing+. We hope to include visual elements, as well as the social and the political, the obvious and imminent as well as the unknown. The case studies hopefully look at the existing but also the hidden, the seemingly inconsistent and the incompatible and how specific instances of action are embodied in the spaces surveyed.

Ultimately we will attempt to develop and articulate a new paradigm for describing, understanding, and eventually changing the production of housing and the environment we live in.


Cristina Cerulli
Tatjana Schneider


Ben Asbury
Leanna Boxill
Adam Dainow
Sarah Green
Tomas Kangro
James Kenyon
Tom Kirby
Osamu Masak
David Rozwadowski
Aditi Saxena
Peter Sofoluke
Adam Towle
Kieran Walker
Craig Western

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