Sheffield Affordable Housing Strategy

Sheffield Affordable Housing Strategy

Visiting Speaker - Amanda Baxter

Amanda Baxter works as part of the sheffield affordable housing strategy team to provide support and drive regeneration throughout the city. They have an oversight on all affordable developments within sheffield and act as a resource to locate affordable housing where it is most needed.

Often affordable housing is subsidised through social housing grants, most of this subsidy comes from NAHP but also from section 106 contributions.

Affordable housing is for those in employment not those who are unemployed and unable to make mortgage repayments. Social rented accommodation is aimed at people who cannot afford to buy on the market.

All Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) are Housing Associations (HAs) but not all HAs are RSLs. RSLs meet the Housing Communities Agency requirements to qualify for grants.

Sheffield’s 45,000 council owned properties are managed by ‘Sheffield Homes’

Housing Association Finance:

  • Secure grants from HCA
  • Secure land for free or cheap from Local Authorities
  • Borrow against existing housing stock

Social rented housing is available to everyone on the council waiting list, it is not means tested. However at the moment there is no central database for all HAs of people waiting for homes, instead people have to register with every HA in order to be offered a house by them.

Need for Affordable Housing
Sheffield needs roughly 730 new affordable homes per year, they are currently managing to build less than 200 per year
An affordable rent in sheffield is condsidered to be £417 pm and the affordable house price is £67,000

Sheffield council are currently setting up a ‘Local Housing Company’ where they will act as the developers. They would develop their own land removing purchase costs which current developers struggle to meet, this would also mean the council is able to put to use large amounts of land stock which it is unable to get developer interest in.

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